Our world started from zero. And one.

We turn data analytics and insights into financial and gaming digital products built in-house. 

About us

QuantLabs is a Belgrade fintech company with a strategic backing from the asset management industry, based in New York City. While we are new to Serbia, our partner firm has been operating on Wall Street since 2008.

Together with our partner, we provide technology solutions, quantitative models and data analytics to some of the most renowned hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks in the world.

And beyond finance, we have expanded our analytics to provide solutions to gamers and eSports teams — a result of our team's intellectual curiosity and our desire to have team members expand their personal horizons.

Our analytics

software focuses

on the user.

We help clients turn

forces of change into


Our analytics and advisory platform provides quantitative tools to facilitate advice, and meet the challenges of rapidly changing landscapes in all the markets that we work in.

Our goal is to simplify decision making by focusing on what is relevant. We use software to crunch data and detect patterns, but cherish human discretion. 

Join us

We are hiring software and data engineers, quantitative analysts, experienced and aspiring data scientists. We're also open to anyone who has a true interest in technology as it applies to financial markets, gaming, and future applications of our expertise where cutting-edge analytics can make a difference. Join QuantLabs and help us build a product that we can proudly say was “Made in Serbia”.

Our team consists of professionals in →

Client Service

available positions

Our analysts interact with clients to translate their needs into custom reports and tools. While following financial market trends and developments, we help clients make informed decisions. We validate product features and market fit through partnership with our clients.

Data Engineering

available positions

We are constantly building and refining our quantitative models. Our clients use them to make important investment decisions. Think Machine Learning is the future? Join our Quant team and help us elevate our game.

Quantitative Analysis

available positions

We crunch a lot of data – like, a lot! We think that data science is as much of an art as it is science. Our engineers work to ensure data consistency, timeliness and accuracy. We like to keep things simple, but not simplistic. Our data engineers work hand in hand with quantitative analysts and software engineers to build a better product.

Software Engineering

available positions

We are building an exciting financial software (SaaS) – from scratch. Join the engineering team in a startup environment and help us build a great product.

Technologies we use in our work

Java (Spring Boot)




Postgres (RDS)







AWS Kinesis






AWS Lambda






GitLab CI


Our team is growing, but selectively. While we are excited to meet you, we are committed to building a successful and diverse company culture. Our employees come from various backgrounds, some are nuclear scientists, some mathematicians, aspiring data scientists, finance professionals and economists, engineers, designers. But above all, they are intellectually curious.

What is it like to work at QuantLabs?

In QuantLabs every opinion matters, even if it doesn’t get adopted. By joining QuantLabs you will find a dynamic work environment with ample opportunities for learning and career advancement.

If you want to join us, this is what we value:

Teamwork by all means

We cooperate on all levels. Everyone is heard and because people are expected to say their ideas out loud, this is step one of allowing extra ordinary things to happen. We hire smart and flexible people, but the only way for them to be successful is to have a team to lean on.

Creativity and flexibility

We always figure things out! If you want to join us, you have to ‘think on your feet’. You don't have to know it all, but be ready to get called in action. You will definitely encounter things you are not comfortable with, but you have a team behind you.

Euphoria over the products we make

We authentically believe our work matters. Our products have potential and it represents a driving force. Seeing your colleagues, managers and CEO being the ignition spark of this belief adds to euphoria in the office.

Freedom paired with responsibility

We hire smart, devoted people and give them enough autonomy to do things their way. Having an option to do things your way is both logical and a privilege, but still we have to be aware of mistakes, deadlines and potential risks. Therefore - we want responsible people to be a part of our team

We want our employees to enjoy time spent in the office and outside of the work, so we included:

  • A budget for professional advancement, without limit as long as it is beneficial for the employee and the team

  • Paid private health insurance

  • You can choose - paid gym or organised visits from chiropractor and masseur in the office

  • 22 working days paid vacation

  • Our own espresso machine in the office

  • Remote work whenever possible

Sounds good?

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